Morgan & Zack Gatsby Wedding

I know Morgan & Zack from back in my college days. When I found out they were getting married I told them I wanted to shoot it. Both of them are creatives in the LA scene and I knew they were going to knock their wedding out of the park.

Little did I know it would be cooler, sweeter, and more fun than I even hoped it would be.

Evan & Vanessa Anniversary

Evan & Vanessa are some of our best friends and shooting with friends is our favorite. And shooting with these two amazing humas was no exception.

Evan was the one who introduced Sarah & I back when we are at Azusa Pacific University together. He is an insanely talented photographer, artist and drummer. Vanessa is a psychologist and singer in a band!! What!? Together they are one of the trendiest, coolest couples we know. We are unworthy of their coolness.

Venessa wanted to shoot some Anniversary photos and I didn’t hesitate. We drove far, saw a baby ratter during the shoot, had some parking lot hang at in and out, and made some memories.